Our Best Friends  

Professional Pet Sitting                                                                          Sedona, Arizona

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Local Residents

Rates vary depending on mileage and drive-time "to" and "from" resident's home, and the number of pets per household.

Consultation and first key pick-up
Overnight stay (includes dinner feeding and breakfast feeding)
1-3 pets  $65
4 pets  $70
5 pets  $75-$80

Daily visit (30 minutes) 
$25 to $27

Daily visit (Full hour stay)

Two visits per day
$50 to $55

Additional $10 per overnight stay, or $5 per daily visit

Key pick-up or drop-off
Hotel Pet-sitting

Potty break or walk

In-room stay with your pet
$20 per hour (with a minimum 2 hour booking)