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Reviews & Testimonials

"Carmen has taken care of our cat Buster while we've been away many times over the last year, starting when he was about 5 months old. Buster was always very calm and happy when we returned, no matter how long we were gone. He clearly got plenty of love and exercise during Carmen's visits. She is great with cats and provides them with the kind of attention and care they need. I highly recommend her for your cat-sitting needs".                              

Jack Humphrey   

"I am so pleased that we found Carmen. She looks after our pets - and we have a few. We come home to a clean house and our dog Max is relaxed. Our cats ignore us! We took Max to a boarding place years ago and some of his hair fell out due to being stressed. Our guys our happier at home with a sitter, thank you Carmen."

Jennifer Paduano

"Friends and family are great but can you truly rely on them to take care of your cats while you're away the way you'd want them to? If the answer is "no", then we recommend you give Carmen Weitzel a phone call. Over the past couple of years, Carmen has periodically visited our home to look after our two beloved home-fries, Mao and Claireby, not the easiest two cats to sit for!
Awhile ago, Mao had one of his back legs up in a cast after a particularly nasty battle with a grocery bag and had to be given Metacam drops for e pain. Claireby is an all-seasons asthmatic cat who needs to be puffed with Flovent on an Aerokat device every other day. A newbie to cat puffing when we first met her, Carmen now expertly administers the Flovent to Claireby when needed, and with Mao, she always made sure he never missed a dose of his
Carmen's customer service dealings with us are personalized, timely and top notch as well, and we can always rest assured that Mao and Claireby are in excellent and loving company when they're with their friendly and reliable cat sitter. She is that rare kind of person you can count on to come into your home and take care of your pets your way - and as if they were her own. Keep in mind to book Carmen far in advance, especially for overnight stays, as she
is a busy lady for good reason. 5 stars!"  
Justin and Clara Speer 

"I travel on a regular basis and thought really hard about getting a cat and how it would affect my life and cat. I found Carmen and I never worry when I leave town. My cat has fallen in love with her. She comes into my home and takes care of all aspects of my cat care and home care. My home is immaculate hen I return but most importantly my cat Mia, is so happy when I return. She is so knowledgeable about cats and has helped me with her diet, behavioral issues, and any cat questions I have. Mia and myself have found a good friend." 

Kate Legman 
"I retained Carmen to care for my cats and marine fish recently when I took a week-long trip recently. She visited me before my trip for an orientation, and bonded with my cats.  I enjoyed my trip without worry, thanks to her frequent status updates, and came home to happy cats and healthy fish and house plants. She has an obvious empathy for cats.  I will definitely use her for future trips."                                       

Bob Peitzke 
"I have used Carmen over and over when I go away for the last couple of years. I can really enjoy my trips when she is cat sitting with my girls because she remembers to text me each day with a quicnote that they are fine. Carmen is the responsible type of person who seems to cater toward each person's needs and remembers to follow up. I would not of enjoyed my trips if Carmen wasn't looking in after them. I never worry if she'll remember or show up because of this responsible nature about her. One even more important fact is that my cats seem happy when I come home and not all freaked out that I was away. I recommend her 100%. Please let her know if you want to email me, if you want
to hear me rave about her."    

Andrea Stern